Wrong title wrong artist


I have a question:

I think this album had been linked to the wrong artist and I think this album has the wrong title. I think the male artist should be Johnny Blenco and not this Johnny. The album is a part of a Dureco-Regenboog-series number 66 but the title of the album is Anja & Johnny

There are a lot of albums called Dureco Wolkenserie number this and that but I dont think that is the correct title of the album

Also… I cant find any info regarding “Wolken-serie” only info about Dureco and Regenboog-serie

Anyway… What am I suppost to do with this… cos… it annoys the **** out of me :slight_smile:

Can some one please let me know if I’m right and that I am allowed to change the artist on this release and the title?

PS the guy on the cover is definitly Johnny Blenco :stuck_out_tongue: … and sorry for my horrible English


You are allowed to change the Artist and Release title.
You have good grounds to be confident that doing this would improve the database.

To use the vernacular, “Go for it!”

Edit: Good edits are appreciated much more than native level English.


It appears the name Dureco Wolkenserie
has been used as a Release name for many Releases.


However this does not seem to be in agreement with Style Guidelines on naming Releases.
It would still be good to capture this Series in the MB database.
Though the name of the Series is unclear to me.

Edit: Discogs has an explanation for the name that is currently used on MB.
If this use of an alias is widespread then maintaining its use on MB as the Series name does make some sense.

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Ty mmirG. Then I have some work tomorrow :slight_smile:

Th you mmirG:

Should I change the name of the Dureco Wolkenserie to the names on the cover and add them to the Regenboog-series?

If so… I think a lot of albums should be merged later on :slight_smile:

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It seems like “Anja en Johnny” released enough work together that it would be reasonable to create an artist entity for the duet. That might minimize the chances that editors adding other releases of theirs pick the wrong “Johnny” (or even the wrong “Anja”).

Personally I would change only one Release to start with.
And then I’d wait a few days and see if that change provoked discusion.
If that one went ok then I’d start on changing them all.

Having read that explanation on Discogs for the name Wolkenseries, and seeing it used on MB already, and not yet having seen any “official text” from the label using the Regenboot name, I’d lean towards using Wolkenseries as the Series name.
However (a) I’ve no real research to base this on,
(b) I can’t read Dutch, and,
© you have a better understanding of this area and the energy to edit this.
So it is your decision to make - though one that is very open to input from other editors.

Smooth bracket c smooth bracket

Morning all,

Can some one please check my edit? Edit #69762960 - Edit release

@mmirG: You say you lean towards Wolkenserie but I found this on discogs: Numbered compilation series released by the Dutch label Dureco.
Covers of all releases in this series have the colours of a rainbow on a blue sky with white clouds background. First releases had a rainbow in the actual shape of a bow, later releases had horizontal rainbow stripes instead.
Because of the clouds background (and perhaps also to avoid confusion with the L?Regenboog Serie of another Dutch label, Telstar (2)) this series is also referred to as “Wolkenserie” (Dutch for “Cloud Series”).

If you check the edit-notes with this series you wil find reverals to two websites that dont excist anymore


I even checked the Dureco website but I cant find any info there either

Greets Tis

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I have added the Discogs link and two alias names Wolkenserie and Regenboog to the series. As long as we don’t know an official series title, I would leave it as is, i.e. Dureco Wolkenserie with Regenboog as disambiguation comment.


ty kellnerd I have removed my edit

Some now gone web pages have been archived and can be viewed using the Wayback Machine

Some Fonos webpages were archive but not all of them.

The name of the series:
If you can find the label/company calling the series Regenboot then changing the name makes sense.
But so far both Regenboot and Wolkenseries seem to be names that editor/collectors/consumers have made up.
Which means neither is official.
Which leaves us free to choose.
Let me know if I’ve got this wrong - I might have.

The title of non-classical Releases is taken from the Spine of the cover.
Which the Discogs coverart shows including “66”.
Using the Style Guidelines for Titles
might have the Release title as
Anja en Johnny 66
Anja en Johnny, 66
(The first looks like what the Guidelines suggest, but it looks strange to me. It seems to suggest that the performance was in 1966 - so I’d include the comma.)

@mmirG & @kellnerd

Morning, mmirG and Kellnerd

Thank you both for all your help.

Ik have found something of wich I think is rather official regarding the regenboogname but it is in Dutch:

https://dureco.wordpress.com/?s=regenboog :

De halterserie werd gecompileerd door Hans Gouweloos+. Het bleek de voorloper voor de uiterst succesvolle regenboogserie, later de wolkenserie genoemd.Bijna 1000.000 werden er van verkocht.

The halter series was compiled by Hans Gouwloos +. It turned out to be the precursor to the highly successful rainbow series, later called the cloud series, and nearly 1,000,000 were sold. (Google Translate)

Got something else for you: I found these pictures in one of the albums:

Edit #69835828 - Edit release
see cover art on this release:

Edit #69835873 - Add cover art
Edit #69835871 - Add cover art

Regarding the numbers on the covers see editnote:

Edit #69792171 - Edit release group :

This is the third compilation of artist “Vader Abraham” in the series. Previous ones had numbers 22, and 32.
I would not add the 3 from Discogs to the title (it is not on cover). Instead I would add a disambiguation comment volume 59 .

In disambiguation I wrote for example: Dureco Wolken-serie / Regenboog-serie 14

(see https://musicbrainz.org/release/9873857a-10f4-48bc-9479-a156d04fa44b)

So now Im confused, should I keep doing that or not? Should I take it away again and put the number behind the titel?

Seeing this a bit late, but I would normally be inclined towards “[Name of Series, ]Volume 66: Anja and Johnny”. However, I also think that may be based on guidelines from before Series were added as entities.

If the series is no longer expected to be the main title, then I would not retain the 66 in the title either. The link to the series should be enough, possibly coupled with mentioning the series and volume in the disambiguation.


Hi Zas

Yes I have done this

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l think your approach is good.

Having “66” in the title does not follow the eliminative method of excluding from the title that text which has been assigned to non-title fields.

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