Wrong releases in this group?

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I found a release group that I think has some problems, but I’m not certain, and I’m unsure how to go about correcting it.
Release group

The first release on the list is golden. It’s pretty complete and accurate (I have it in my collection).

The 2nd release (1993) is not very complete, and the title doesn’t match the contents (there are no tracks from Messiah listed). The Label, “Special Music Company,” is at least related to “Stradivari Classics.” Both names appear on the cover of the 1986 release. However, there is an album on Amazon titled “Messiah and Nutcracker Highlights,” on the “Special Music Company” label, and the conductor and orchestra are the same. So I don’t know if the release title is wrong (in which case it probably belongs in this RG) or if the track listing is incomplete (which I think would mean it doesn’t belong in this RG)

The 4th release is even less complete, but the track list, conductor, and orchestra match the 1986 release, so it probably belongs.

The 3rd release (1994) is also a puzzle. It has what appear to be the same Nutcracker performance, same conductor/symphony as the 1986, and the company is “Special Music Company.” But it also includes tracks from a Sleeping Beauty Suite, and the back cover actually says this is a compilation. Doesn’t that mean it should be in its own RG?

In the case of the 3rd release, I would just dig in and move it to its own RG, but I looked at Discogs, and they have these releases grouped together as well, so I’m unsure whether I should.

Any thoughts?


Does it have the same whole tracklist as the others plus a couple Sleeping Beauty tracks? If so, I’d call it the same RG (with “bonus tracks”), if not, probably a new RG.

It might be this is meant to be a 2xCD with also one disc of Messiah highlights? If so, then this should have its own RG, yes :slight_smile: