Writer / composer attribute for "member" artist-artist relationship

There are a lot of singer-composer duos, it’d be nice to be able to assign “composer” attribute to the member relationship, similar to how we can assign “lead vocals” or an instrument (e.g. electric guitar) to the member artist-artist relationship.
example: yoasobi, creepy nuts (rapper-DJ), the reason I made this post すいそうぐらし
For a lot of bands, one of the members does most of the writing / composing too.
(…can’t think of any example on top of my head atm, editing later)

I guess we should start by gathering enough examples. :wink:

I think of a classical example of B’z duo with singer as lyricist and guitarist as composer.

But I’m not sure if I’d like to have those artist-group credit relationships. Maybe. I don’t know. :thinking:

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We do have instances like Lennon-McCartney already in the database.

IMO, the problem with this is where does one draw the line to prevent abuse.
Does some guy who was one of 5 writers on one song that was released on a 20 song album by an artist with 20 albums - is he a “writer for” the artist, or did he write the work.
I think one composition is obvious. But what is the cutoff point - 2, 5, 10. One per album. One per year. 47% of all recorded credits.

Also something to consider is the changing music landscape.
Once upon a time, a producer was some guy at the recording studio in a little booth that twisted volume knobs to make sure the left tom tom wasn’t overpowering the cowbell.
But today’s producers take on a whole new meaning - they write, compose (listed twice intentionally), perform, sing. They do it all.

Bad example.
It seems the page I was speaking of no longer exists.

Another good example would be Robert Hunter, lyricist for Grateful Dead who was often described as a “non-performing member” of the band.

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