Work type for subworks

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If a work has a given type, should all parts of that work have the same type?

For example, if I search for all works by Bach of type Cantata, I find quite a few that are actually parts of cantatas (arias, recitatives, chorales), which are not really cantatas themselves. Should I remove these type fields, or are they generally considered useful?

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No, only the parent work should have the “Cantata” type. If you fix some you should check at the same time if:

  • the parts are using the “movement of” part type (introduced recently, so probably some are missing)
  • parts are ordered
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In fact, that specifically goes against the work guidelines :slight_smile: So yeah, please fix them when you find them!

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OK, thanks, will do.

Your script “Replace subwork titles and attributes in Work edit page” is very useful for this. :slight_smile:

However, the ‘set attributes’ button should probably be called ‘toggle attributes’ (since it unsets them if they are already set). :wink:

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