Work search results: "Writers" column display

Hi! We wanted some feedback on MBS-8328.

If you perform a search for works, we have a “Writers” column where we show writers, composers, and arrangers. But currently it can also include relationships that aren’t related to writing, like publishers and dedicatees, which don’t really fit there:

The solution put forth in MBS-8328: Limit work writers to writing rels by reosarevok · Pull Request #1171 · metabrainz/musicbrainz-server · GitHu is to move publisher, dedication, etc. to an “Other artists” column, but it will likely usually be empty. Would this column be useful to people?

Additionally, @yvanzo suggested that the column name “Writers” is misleading because we already have a specific relationship type named “writers,” which arranger doesn’t quite fit under. (Personally, I’d still consider them all writing-related, and can’t think of a better word in English.)

He also suggested that we leave the column as-is and simply rename it to “Work artists.”

So the main questions are:

  1. Is it useful to display non-writing artist relationships like publisher and dedication in the search results?
  2. Should they stay in the same column, or be separated from the writing-related ones?
  3. What should the names of the columns be?



publisher column would be great
was just looking for this!
separate column
name of column

btw what do we do with all the publishers under “label”?
sarcastic comment need to combine and not have 2 places

dedication in the search results <<<< NO


Probably not perfect but Creators or Authors?

the two parts of music writing are
composer - writes the melody
lyricyst - writes the words

arrranger takes the work and charts the action of the instruments and other elements
publisher takes the work and legally registers it with public

writer is a general term that could describe first 2
not latter 2

creator and author re work - also latter 2

In a musical, there are first 2 plus
“book” or author of script
so author very confusing and all 3 are writers

Don’t mind all 3 together as Creators
Ferde Grofe, arranger and orchestrator of “Rhapsody In Blue” was essential creator. Just ask Gershwin.

We should not show other artists than writers, arrangers and performers in work search results.


  • Writers
    Includes writers (all its child relationships like authors, composers, librettist, etc.) as well as arrangers, fine
  • Performers
    Instead of Artists
    Oh but maybe problematic with some style guidelines? So maybe Artist Credits would be better?

What about Work Artists and Recording Artists? Fits nicely with existing terminology IMO.