Work removed while still having pending edits?


I will come back later to reply to others, but this seems to be important:

I went to this page to remove the type “soundtrack” and replace it by leaving the field blank, as some of you suggested, but then the whole work disappeared from the MusicBrainz server! What to do now? The artist will be so angry with me, that I ruined his page :sob:
Can please anybody help?

Have to go now, be back later today, wishing everybody a good day!

Please your input on how to set the type for an original instrumental work of modern music

The edit to add the work was still open, and you cancelled it, making the work disappear.


@chirlu, thank you for replying :slight_smile: but honestly, I only edited this edit and changed it from soundtrack into blank field. I really honestly am 100% sure that I did not touch any other other edit. So could it be a bug that after changing the type of the work the work disappeared? Perhaps because it was still open, the add work?
Should we report in the other forum thread that this bug happen when we change the type of the work while the add work edit is still open?

Can I recover the work? Or do I have to add it again in a new edit?


It has a note from you, from cancellation time, saying “soundtrack is not the right word for this type of work”. So you obviously cancelled the edit :slight_smile: You might not remember, or you might just not have noticed that you were cancelling the edit adding the work, not “soundtrack”.


Thank you sooooooo much @reosarevok :smile: for explaining me that, indeed, I did not realize and did not notice that I was cancelling the edit adding the work instead of removing the “soundtrack” from it!
Could you please have a look at my last edit of Dreams because I did the same thing there, replaced the type field “soundtrack” by “empty field”, and now am so afraid that the whole Dreams will disappear after this edit?? Will it disappear or will it apply the change that I made?


Anyway don’t be so worried. The works remain in the real world. Even if a work disappears from MB. :wink:
If you big mistake, you create a new correct work within the next second. :sunglasses:


You didn’t cancel an edit like on the other work, so no reason why it would disappear :slight_smile: