Work credits for parts of a recording

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On this soundtrack album there are tracks with different works merged into one recording:

It’s always like this: A major theme is merged with smaller pieces to a single recording.

For example:
Track 3 “Theme for Augustine / Wind / Seduction / Kiss” consists of the main theme (4:27) and 3 smaller parts (2 minutes for Wind+Seduction+Kiss)

“Theme for Augustine” has different writing credits as the others, so I split them up for correct credits, but I’m uncertain if I should have done this.
A merged work “Claire / Lost in Madrid Part V” was added earlier - the whole recording was reused on a compilation album. None of these works were recorded live.

EDIT: forgot to mention: there is one 7" where “Siesta / Kitt’s Kiss” is separated from the rest (B-side):

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You did correctly.
IMO, even if all works had the same credits, they should still be split.
It’s better that each work has its own entity from the beginning, even if they are not yet recorded separately. They are already shown as separate works (with slash / to separate them).


No idea if it applies to this case, but if the works occur one after the other in the recording, you should also select when adding the relationships “These relationships have a specific ordering” and order them appropriately.


Thanks! I’m relieved. It’s easier to split Claire and Lost in Madrid, Part V too than merging all the others. (done)

No idea too, but how would I do that? I can see no option to number the related works.

I think you maybe can’t do it from the release-level relationship editor, you have to first go to the recording itself and “Edit” it. Here’s a particularly ridiculous example:

(lol the forum just picked a single work at random for the summary)

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Thanks! I haven’t known about that. I think I will arrange them. Of course they have a specific ordering in the recording. :slight_smile: