Words in the tabs on Classical Extras except for 'help' not being visible in dark mode

I didn’t know whether to report this as a bug as it might not exactly be a bug. In dark mode, the words of the above are invisible; therefore, not making it possible to change the settings in dark mode. It can be done in light mode. But for those who prefer the dark mode, it’d be better if this could be fixed soon. Is anyone else experiencing the same or is it just me?

Following is a screenshot:

I even tried inverting colours in dark mode with windows magnifier. That worked up to a certain extent as only words in some fields were visible. So it’s better if this is updated to make everything visible in dark mode, because as I mentioned earlier, users who use dark mode would prefer everything to be accessible in dark mode itself.

So far I’m loving the app as it taught me many things and showed the availability of tags I never even dreamt were available before.

Classical extras is a plugin - you might have better luck tagging the plugin author in this thread :+1:


Sorry I haven’t done any upgrades to the Classical Extras plugin for a while. I have had a lot on my plate, but do fully intend to make some improvements when I can create some time to do so. ‘Dark mode’ compatibility is on the ‘to do’ list. Until then I fear you may have to use light mode with the plugin :slightly_frowning_face: