Withdrawn guideline examples [done]

Yes, It should be clear that a withdrawn release was released and that the date it was released can be (ideally is) stored.

One or two for “Cancelled” wouldn’t hurt I guess, as a comparison (I see we don’t mention Cancelled at all there though, probably because it seems obvious enough…). Pseudo-release already has them.


I’ve been sitting on these for years:


A variation on the “Label or artist withdrawals after ‘feedback’ or allegations” is that the artist may have changed style or for some other reason wants some of their tracks removed from streaming and download services.

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there’s also https://musicbrainz.org/release/ab7b87df-1f48-45c3-badf-cda3ae05bbf4, the studio they recorded at went out of business and the masters were lost. they were found later and included on a 2003 compilation

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What is the view on an album that was cancelled by the record company because it wasn’t good enough, but later found it’s way into circulation as a bootleg?

Two releases

  • the cancelled official release
  • the unofficial release


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I created a new thread: Cancelled guideline [done]

With @HibiscusKazeneko’s examples, trimmed a little bit.

edit: and Bootleg guideline examples [done]

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Two releases. One cancelled, one bootleg.

There is a Kate Bush album like that. The bootleg appeared with a slightly different track list. This is common as sometimes the bootlegs get out without names on the tape that was “borrowed”


I added a line for ‘Use the initial release date, before they were withdrawn, for these releases.’ (see OP)

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