Wikipedia biographies not showing

Over the last few days, I have noticed that some of the MB entries are not showing the Wikipedia biographies.

here are a quick few:


I have an uneducated theory: Maybe it’s because all these have a box before the first paragraph (because the articles have some issues) and therefore the plugin doesn’t know which text to use.

With other artists it still works:

PS: I wrote too soon. Only looked at the first few artists, the some others don’t have such boxes.

Can confirm. Some entries show them, some don’t, and it seems it started not too long ago. I haven’t been able to spot a pattern.

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I created a ticket for this issue:


I wonder if this is related to images from Wikimedia Commons not displaying for the past few weeks.

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It’s not. That’s intentional (and hopefully temporary), this isn’t.


Seems to be working now. At least with the examples I posted above. I haven’t looked for any others yet.