Wiki cannot confirm my email address

The MusicBrainz wiki cannot confirm my email address.
It says:

Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP’s mail() function.

Is this a known problem?

It seems like a ticket was reported in October last year that was never acted on(?):

@Zas or @legoktm, something you know or can do anything about? (Should it be moved to MBH?)

I also am experiencing the problem that can’t seem to confirm email addresses (see topic Wiki cannot confirm my email address, Sept 2017). This appears to be tracked by ticket OTHER-259: MB wiki fails to send mails for address verification, opened in Oct 2016 and encountered again (MBH-501) in July 2018.

Could a sysadmin perhaps look at this and post an update in OTHER-259?

Thank you,
—Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada

I know @Zas and @legoktm have looked at this before, but I’m not sure they ever figured out what went wrong. Would be nice to get the wiki be able to send out e-mails again though…

@Jim_DeLaHunt : is there a ‘+’ in your new email address ? I suspect a misconfiguration causing addresses with plus in local part to fail


Yes, there is. I want the part before the @ to read from+musicbrainz@…

My email provider is pushing me to use + and a suffix to mark incoming mail from known sources. My understanding is that + is a perfectly valid character in the local part of an email address. But my recent experience tells me that not every website accepts it.

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