Why would a NAS be querying MB?

OK…I have a question…just curious since I have a NAS but mine is Synology. Why are QNAP having this problem?

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I did read the thread…guess I’m not getting why a NAS would be querying MB.

Maybe to display information about the music playing.

To speak in Synology terms, with the equivalent of Audio Station, when NAS is plugged to an amp through a USB DAC or by standard audio wires (was possible in Synology up to DSM 6, no longer possible with DSM 7).

Or maybe to automatically enrich data of the included audio library soft.


Buggy code from the Media Player. Add @zas and @jesus2099 reply together, and multiple by some badly tested code that keeps making queries every few seconds. Multiply by many thousands of NAS sold. Total result = DoS style hit. It would be easy to make a mistake like that if the code is not properly tested.

That IRC discussion in Zas’ post is an interesting bit of detective work.

A decent Media Centre would keep a database of any MB lookup. A lazily coded one would keep making lookups of data it already knew.


Ahh…I never bothered with the included music programs. iTunes server I never bothered with since I’m really hating iTunes LOL

It’s not iTunes, it’s Audio Station, a simple player, that you can remote control and that plays sounds through the Synology USB output.*

I plugged there a very old clumsy cheap DAC** (equivalent of 10€ USB to mic+headset jack) between Synology USB and a mini/shelf hi-fi set (I don’t know the English name, a Sony CMT-something).

There is no need for a computer to keep the music playing.
You can remote control it from time to time with your smartphone (or computer or Synology Remote) to change the playlist.

* DSM 7 dropped USB support (except external HDD). So you cannot use a USB DAC if you don’t stay in DSM 6.

** I don’t use it much (it’s in where I work, not my good main hi-fi set where I listen to my music) and it sounds good enough but if someone wants to use it, it would be great to plug a better DAC, of course.

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I don’t know why they did that!! I do have a SSD attached and have been using Roon over the past couple days. It’s a nice interface but I don’t think I will want to pay a monthly/yearly fee.

Please read the full quote:

So it’s okay for your (USB?) SSD.
Or is Roon a USB device?

If the only USB device you are using is a storage device, you should be fine with DSM 7.

They dropped support for all the other USB devices, most importantly DAC, but also speakers (same as DAC), printers, wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Yeah, I added a SSD since Roon says you should run the DB on one for better performance. Roon is a music service that organizes your music library, has a lot of information, and connects to streaming services (if you have the membership). Here is the website:
Music Player App & Music Server Software (FREE Trial) | Roon Labs

I am already on the newest DSM software…just had another update this past week.