Why was my release edited this way?

I added a tech house sampler (Toolroom Ibiza 2019 Vol. 2) and @drsunde edited it.

(1) I don’t understand why the first track SOL was renamed to Sol. That’s not the original spelling.

(2) Also I wonder why remix is written in lowercase since the standard in the EDM scene is that Remix, Extended Mix, Radio Edit etc. are all capitalized. The lower case spelling contradicts my experience in the scene. Since the remixed or extended variant is part of the title it should be written with uppercase beginnings. This is even stated in the style docs:

  1. Always capitalize the first and last word of a title…
  2. Between the first and last word of a title Capitalize all words except:
  3. In compounds formed by hyphens, capitalize each part exactly as if they were a separate word.
  4. Capitalize contractions and slang consistent with the rules above to the extent that such clearly apply. For example, do not capitalize o’ for “of”, ‘n’ or n’ for “and”.

Can someone explain the rationale behind that to me?

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

For 2: We consider remix data part of the extra track information and capitalize it accordingly: Style / Titles - MusicBrainz - this is not scene-dependent, we do it for all types of music. If the remix has a title, such as “Cold Shivers remix” or something, then that part we leave uppercased.

For 1: that seems a bit of an overzealous correction because in most cases all uppercase titles are errors, but this one seems legitimately a title used consistently in all caps. Will revert.


Hm, I see.

I don’t necessarily like the all lowercase style and I would argue that this is in fact style dependent: Like I stated earlier on: This the usual style is different (at least in the EDM scene). Beatport is one if not the biggest record store for electronic music and I think that they represent a certain standard.

Edit: Also, thank you for your quick and friendly reply.