Why this release is not getting looked up?

This release is not getting looked up by Picard:

My CD is exactly this one (barcode 5099748814326)
Any reason why this is not being detected by Picard?

when you say this release is not getting looked up by Picard: are you trying to scan or look up and are you trying to update the info on your disc or file. the more info we have the better the help :slight_smile:


How exactly are you looking it up? By disc ID, via Scan or Lookup of the files? Did you cluster the files before or not? What kind of metadata do your files have?

It’s impossible to tell you why withhout knowing anything on what you are doing :smiley:


Sorry guys… you’re right… :slight_smile:
I’ve ripped the CD in FLAC with XLD.
Then I drag’n’dropped the resulting folder with the FLAC files into Picard. It automatically recognized the album/release (it appears in the right part of the app), but when I look for “Other versions”, I don’t see the one I’m aiming at.

Other versions looks at releases in the same release group. Which release exactly did Picard load?

There are two reasons why it might do this:

  1. The CD ripping tool already wrote the MB IDs into the files, so Picard already knows which release to load. In that case you would get exactly the release on which XLD based its data. I don’t know XLD well, but as it has MB support it probably writes these IDs.

  2. There are no MB IDs, but you have automatic scanning of new files enabled in options. In this case it would be the same as dropping the files with this option disabled, then using Scan.

Remember that you have many options to load the proper release into Picard. You can drag your files back to the left, use Lookup or Scan on them. Or use lookup in browser, search on the MB website for the proper release and import it into Picard with the green “Tagger” button. Or you just directly load the release from the MB website by drag and dropping the URL into Picard’s main window or pasting it into the search box in the upper right.


Thank you.
I finally moved everything back to the left and searched again… it took some minutes, but I found the corresponding barcode and release.
Thanks to all for your suggestions!


So many ways through Picard. Sometimes it is quicker hitting “lookup in browser” and hitting the TAGGER button to push the known release back to Picard manually. Makes it easier to search through the options on the website. That TAGGER button is a great idea.

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