Why there is no possibility to search by a song or track?

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I wonder why there is no possibility to search by a song or track? Would make things easier when doublechecking if a track(maybe a single) is in the database already. As all the information is gathered it would also give a much better and quick overview of an artist that participated in some recording(feat. for example). I suppose this is also very effective and educational as this is why this project is far ahead then standard commercial database. thnx


What you want to search for is “recording”. That’s what MusicBrainz calls specific songs. From the recording, you can see what releases it’s found on.

You could also possibly search by work, which might lead you to different recordings of the same song, but it’s more hit or miss on whether the work you’re looking for is in the database.


Hi, thanks a lot. Seems you desrve a better nickname :slight_smile:
I thought I tried it already but still could be maybe some way “highlighted” as probably second most used search function.
In general fine but as I raised the topic now I have 1000 recording results and no extra or secondary search option so its not too efficient. I will be afraid to type a top commercial artist :slight_smile:

Also when looking up same artist by artist name I get the exact information based on “releases” but in that type of search all the other “work” of the artist searched by recording is missing.

Just mentioning it would be worth it…

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If you know which artist you’re looking for, I would suggest starting with the artist page and going to the “recordings” tab, which will give you a list in alphabetical order. As you say, if it’s a very popular artist it may still be a lot, but at least it’s better than an open-ended search.


@psychoadept thnx all thats needed. I missed it somehow. Now I found a FILTER as a secondary search option. great. open ended searches would be scary. Maybe this will help some new comer later.thnx again.


Search works pretty much for standard usage, but considering I used a better method(and still used basic possibilities) to doublecheck and overcome double entry of tracks on my own harddisk isn´t there some SEARCH PLUGIN maybe for editors that can search on a much faster and effective level?

Especially when most of the music is searched by names(seems even exact entry is entered) and the database has millions of entries and will have probably much much more later on. would help extremely everyone I believe…

Have you tried using Picard? You can do a tag-based lookup, a scan based on audio fingerprint, and if all else fails you can use “lookup in browser”, which will get a more detailed results list that takes into account title, artist, album, etc.


Read almost everything available but i just started of course. Didnt notice that it had audio fingerprint. That will help extremely. I still think better search is important(any database) but maybe enough…thnx