Why is there no way to link a work to an event as having been performed at?

Currently, the only relationship between a work and an event is “premiered at”, which is only used for classical works. Is there any ticket for linking works to events as parts of a setlist? I find the current event setlists to be very outdated, it’s pretty much just an anottation, it would be nice to link works directly so we can know which songs were performed at each event. Is anyone against this?


event setlists are complicated, IMHO… it is possible to link to works performed in a setlist, see this example.

if we could figure a way to show all events a work was performed at tho, that would be cool~


Not against this, ultimately if its something we want it needs to go into JIRA otherwise it will just disappear in the wash on the forums.


From here, log in, Create > Issue Type Improvement

I agree that setlists are at the moment a bit of a one-way street; although I did manage to get the formatting adjustment pushed through a little while ago that marks the Artist line in bold.


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The right evolution of setlists would probably be to turn them into some sort of “release tracklist” but with works. The reason that hasn’t happened is because it’s a pretty big amount of work and events are a fairly niche part of the site right now. That said, I understand it’s a bit of a catch-22. We have had a Summer of Code idea for this for a while, but no takers - and honestly, a Summer of Code is the only way I can see the change actually happening anytime soon. If it does happen though, it should be relatively easy to turn the setlists which link to works with MBIDs into a proper new style setlist.

It’s theoretically possible to add a way to link works to events as relationships, but that’d be a weird thing to combine with the existing setlists. Basically either you’d have to link the stuff twice, or you’d be linking the works with an order and dropping setlists entirely (but then you lose the option to include things other than works in there).