Why is pulling performers hit or miss for me?

Use Release & Use Track Relationship options are both checked. I have disabled all plugins just in case. FLAC file, Windows 10, v2.7.3

I’m wondering if this is a particular issue with (very) big releases. This particular release is a 100CD box set.

`Release in question

`Example recording (track 15)

None of the performers are pulled in when I load the release. If I manually pull in the Recording (showing up on the right pane as Non Album Tracks) the performers are pulled. If I load in one of the alternate releases shows in the relationship, the performers pull. Is this a bug with enormous releases? Or should I be checking other things?

You need to be on Picard 2.8.0 for large release relationships to work (still in development).


Thanks for confirming! I’ll just backtrack for those big releases when 2.8 eventually comes out. Are you aware of any general limit where it breaks with 2.7?

500 recordings per release is the limit before 2.8.0.