Why is Musicbrainz not linked in DBPedia Resources


I am new to linked data, and i often dont understand, that it is said, that so many databases are linked to each but i have problem to see those links. On your side i see a lot of links to other sides like here: https://musicbrainz.org/artist/d87e52c5-bb8d-4da8-b941-9f4928627dc8
But dbpedia as a database hub although claiming it is liked to Musicbrainz, i cannot see any connections on their resources page through owl:sameas property or anywhere else. http://dbpedia.org/page/ABBA

I would be very happy if anybody can explain this.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I would think you need to ask dpbedia that question.

MB is a friendly place that wants to share with everyone…

Notice how when you follow most of the links you don’t have any link back again. IMHO too many other sites are too concerned with traffic and dragging people into their own site and forget to share the links in both directions.

MB is more into making sure the data is correct, so lets us the user add links to other places we are cross checking. More about data than SEO.


Thanks for the answer. But DBPedia is claiming to be linked to MB. Is that a wrong claim?

Also my question is, when i use the Sparql query service from DbPedia, if i am able to get information from MB? Isnt that the whole point of linked data, that i can get all relevant information from one focal point instead of searching through multiple different databases?

What does “DBPedia is claiming to be linked to MB” mean in their language?

I assume they are just saying they take some data from here - like so many other database also do.

At least with Wikidata you get to see all the links they are making in one place. They let you go back and forth between the different sources. Actually CREDITING the source. They seem like a better start point for a single focus

MB wants to actively CHECK the sources and everything is available for anyone to do that.

I’ve never heard of DBPedia before. Looks too much like a database sucking program that just links to other people’s work. A quick look at that ABBA link shows they have just hoovered up the Wikipedia page, and then broke the formatting.

Again no simple link back to where the data came from. Just a tiny credit at the bottom of the page.

Can’t see anything MB on that page.

IMHO this is just one of those projects who suck other people’s data in and then make their own name \ cash from it. I’ve seen some very bizarre databases like that. The lack of quality control stands out.

Here at MB there are HUMANS checking and correcting the data. REAL PEOPLE!! People who actually enjoy the subject matter.

I’m no database expert. I’m here for the music. There are proper SQL people around the dark corners of the server. They will give you a more database based answer. Especially the *Brainz project people.

Looking deeper… I’d question if the project is even alive. Just odd that their last dataset is dated October 2017.

They are certainly nothing to do with MB.

One place I did see MB references where here:

That let me download some old list of links. But they was only 22,000 in there and the URLs all seems to head to a site that is now selling insurance…

Which is the same MBID as Pink Floyd… but clearly not anything music related there now…

AHA - I see one of the SQLians have popped up to give you a sensible reply instead of just some nutter in the forum like me. :slight_smile:

From memory DBPedia was built from a dump of the English wikipedia pages.
The pages where analysed with elements such as the info boxes and citations used to create entries.

It is an interesting project idea to start from but wikipedia created the wikidata project and that has filled in the gap and provides a linked data database that links together wikipedia pages as well as other databases such as musicbrainz, vaif, wordcat, isni etc.

DBPedia has ~ 6M entries.
Wikidata has ~ 53M entries.
Musicbrainz has ~ 1.5M artists and ~1.7 release groups