Which players for classical music

Ok thanks for those tips, but how can…or should I say, with what tool you change for 10000 tracks something as you say ? Do you use beets ?
Correct me if I’m wrong but are the workflow you use are

  1. All your «original» audio track are tag with musicbrainz without modifiication.
  2. You use beets or some other tools to copy and modify some tag to comply with mpd.
  3. When you change something, you do it in the original audio track and redo step 2 ?


Ok…but…if I’m not a super geinus :wink: :wink: how do I know d4b8437e-5ee6-33b2-9462-3bb0d51ec0a0 is Mister X ?

Do yo really remember all id ?


Not at all, I was just checking MBID of the 6th symphony on the MB website to show that the search can be done, not that it would be user-friendly.

I don’t think I ever tried to change tags like this, I usually just tag with picard and update MPD (I use mostly my directories structure to browse anyway).
No idea if e.g. filling the comment tag from another tag can be done with picard or beets, I would probably try to write a loop for lltag.

It might be easier just to try to recompile a recent MPD if you already have your files tagged correctly rather than retagging them all.

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