Which CA images to keep? Which CA images are better deleted?

When is it a good idea to delete a CA image?
And when is an image better left in the archive?

I am thinking that when a release is entered into MB on the basis of it’s entry in another db such as All music or Discogs or Amazon then any images that were associated with the release on the other db should be kept in the CA archive and commented to make their source and importance to the release’s provenance obvious. (If the images are from the wrong release even then commenting them as wrong and giving the erroneous source and leaving them in the archive might help prevent future mix-ups.)

What do others think?
Are there other times when it is better to leave problematic CA up rather than delete it?

I’m asking this as I didn’t find this area covered in the documentation

There is no way to mark cover art as “wrong release” other than to delete it. Unfortunately you can’t even move it to the right release (you have to delete & re-upload). Notes aren’t even displayed everywhere, so you can’t use those. Even if they were, they’re not machine parsable.

Release disambiguation comments and annotations are a good place to put notes on how to identify a release.

Personally, I delete if:

  • wrong release
  • I’ve uploaded a better (e.g., higher resolution) version of the same thing. (E.g., there was a small picture of the front cover and I’ve scanned and uploaded a big one).

Remember that a bunch of things (e.g., Picard, several music players) expect CAA to be a source of correct images for a particular release.


And don’t forget to vote for the 5 year old issue “Allow replacing an image”: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-4635