Where other than AMG does WMP get data?

I’m wanting to add a Walt Disney Records read along storybook and CD. Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy. WMP tagged the rip correctly but this 2019 release isn’t on Discogs, Musicbrainz, or AMG that I could find.

So where did WMP get the data and is there a *monkey script for importing data from there to Musicbrainz?

The artist is listed as Lucasfilm Press, album is “Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy Read-Along Storybook & CD Collection”

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The cd itself can contain some information in the Table of Contents.
But the most likely source is Gracenote.
See https://musicbrainz.org/doc/About


Hello, could you explain WMP and AMG?

Probably Windows Media Player and Allmusic Guide.

Personally, I’m from the AAL (Anti-acronym League). Please spell things out! You’ll make yourself much clearer to others.


I think AMG means they are playing the music back in their fancy Mercedes car - https://www.mercedes-amg.com/en.html

(I agree with @mfmeulenbelt, TLAs get confusing)

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Exact Audio Copy now has MusicBrainz as a possible metadata source which is really handy, and is my music ripper of choice.


I guess you should ask to the company editing the application you use (if WMP stands for Windows Media Player that will be Microsoft, after all you pay for support).

Just completed a process monitor on a Windows Media Player look up under Windows 10 and it heads off to a Microsoft owned Akamai hostname in my country - so must be something that Microsoft host themselves. The data being transmitted is encrypted anyway, so I’m unable to easily see what is being sent back/forth to the application.


The about text mentions Gracenote so I’m betting WMP gets the data from them.