Where is the "Mastered At" credit?

Is there a place to choose where a recording was mastered? I’ve looked through all the settings but I may have missed it.

MusicBrainz considers different mastering to be the same recording, so mastering data is intentionally not stored at the recording level. (However, if the remaster included re-mixing, then it is considered to be a separate recording.)

This is the release-level relationship:

If different tracks on the same release have different mastering credits, there is no way to indicate which tracks go with which release-level relationship.


Mastering is a release level relationship due to physical medium. I know more and more digital releases are being mastered with different track level mastering, but it’s that, track level, not recording level. Due to this, they disabled mastering on recordings because mastering is irrelevant on recordings. If different tracks have different mastering, I’ve just been adding that to the annotation on a release.


Ah, okay I’m seeing it. Thanks a bunch! xx