Where does the information save?

I am using a Mac and saved some files before checking if they was a good match or not. Is it possible to clear all the saves so that I can check them?

View this as an interim reply till a better informed one arrives.

Tagging involves writing metadata inside of the audio file.

You can clear the tags that are currently written in a file.

How many files are you wanting to remove the tags from?
Do the files have file names and folders that correctly identify them in terms of track name, album name and artist name?

Thank you for the reply…

I have about 1000 files that I hit save on before verifying the information.

I have it setup to move files when saving so they are now In Artist\Album\Filename format.

How do I go about clearing the tags?

There will be a “high tech” solution.
And someone else with that knowledge will turn up sooner or later.

I would use the “low tech” method of:

  1. Isolating the problem folders to make sure that they aren’t used again.
  2. Accessing my back-up files and copying the necessary folders into my work-space.
  3. And then verify the tags that Picard will write to them before clicking"save".
  4. Check that the new tags and new folders are how you want them.
  5. Delete the problem folders.

If I was in your place I’d probably be disappointed that there isn’t a button that I could click to “revert all changes”. I know of no such button. And suspect that the added complexity would cause other problems.