When to report ListenBrainz problems?

My “Missing MusicBrainz Data” page just refreshed in the last 2-3 days and it contains a bunch of songs that should be pretty straightforward matches to MusicBrainz. Some of them were added to MB since their listed listen date, some of them existed in MB before LB says they were listened to. Is this stuff that should be reported or is it a just “wait for the system to get better” situtation?

Can you give us some links where we can see these problems? We are about to embark on another round of mapping improvements, which might make this better, but it is always good to have examples to hand.


Here’s a few with their name on the “Missing MusicBrainz Data” page and the recordings I’d expect them to be linked to. Top ones were added to MB before the listen dates, bottom ones added after but long enough ago that I’d expect them to be matched since then.

Featured artists seems to be something it hangs up on, not sure how fixable that is.
“Fractions - I the AI Remix” is probably an example of a Spotify track naming thing. Spotify often uses “-” to separate track types like acoustic or remix. iTunes and Deezer use () around that part. Though this could also be a problem with the artist changing their name since the tracks release.

Let the Old Fall Away - vian izak Recording “Let the Old Fall Away” by Vian Izak - MusicBrainz
NBLY&I - Mathilda Recording “NBLY&I” by Mathilda - MusicBrainz
Floating Alone - I The Ai Recording “Floating Alone” by I The Ai & Juniper Vale - MusicBrainz
Wait 'Til I Tell Ucca… - Trail West Recording “Wait 'Till I Ucca...” by Trail West - MusicBrainz
Fractions - I the AI Remix - Juniper Vale Recording “Fractions (I the AI remix)” by Through Juniper Vale - MusicBrainz
Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers https://musicbrainz.org/recording/6fdd95d6-9837-4d95-91f4-b123d0696a2a
Hours Before Morning - Delta Rae Recording “Hours Before Morning” by Delta Rae - MusicBrainz


Dawns (feat. Maggie Rogers) - Zach Bryan Recording “Dawns” by Zach Bryan feat. Maggie Rogers - MusicBrainz
Jersey Giant - Josiah and the Bonnevilles Recording “Jersey Giant” by Josiah and the Bonnevilles - MusicBrainz
Game I Play - We Are the Guests Recording “Game I Play” by We Are the Guests - MusicBrainz

I brought this up to @lucifer on IRC the other day as well - quite often I listen to something just before (or while) adding it to MB.

I believe he said they currently won’t get re-matched on LB again later, so it has to be done manually?

If that’s the case, another vote for running the match again periodically for unmatched listens.


Thanks for these!

@lucifer and I are scheduled to spend time addressing some of these issues, because they are affecting how we do recommendations, so we have a clear motivation to look at them.