When is a blank Digital Media useful in a release?

Do you know any case where an empty digital media is useful?

I just found this release (by accident):

Why should someone add empty Digital Media 3 + 4?

This is a release that will be released only on 2022-07-29.
Not yet released.
The OHP Above & Beyond - 10 Years of Group Therapy. Anjuna Music Store. for the moment shows tracklists for mediams 1 and 2 but they don’t disclose yet the tracks for mediums 3 and 4.

I would not add such a release, it might still change until 2022-07-29, in more than 6 months.

It seems each medium has a different release date.
There should be several MB releases, one for each release date, IMO.
And no need for the future releases yet.


As the first part effectively has already been released I would even argue there should be two releases: One for part 1 only, released on 17 December, 2021.

And the one already added with both parts, release date of 29 July 2022 (or the actual date, in case it changes).

See Edit #85299082 - MusicBrainz for the dates

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I think this came up a little while back, where a Grateful Dead compilation was releasing a track a week for a year or something?

For me it depends, if it’s all leading up to an ‘official’ release date, and the digital content is being drip-fed, I would just have the final release. In a practical sense it’s all people will care about when it’s out, and that will be the ‘original release date’ they want as well.

But if it’s being released in bigger parts I guess you could do multiple releases. But if nobody is interested in the parts themselves it does seem more like something you’d do just to align with MB rather than for anything practical :thinking: