What's the correct label?

I have the Australian cd of The Greatest Showman Soundtrack. There’s already an entry for a digital download in the US under the Atlantic label.

The cover says Atlantic Recording Corporation…This compilation Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the US…Marketed in Australia by Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd under exclusive licence. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd.

What’s the label? Atlantic? WEA? Warner Music Australia? I was going to enter the last one, and then I realised I’m not at all sure what it’s meant to be.

Help, please.

EDIT: I’ve entered it as Warner Music Australia, if it’s wrong I’ll change it.


MusicBrainz has the option of adding multiple record labels. If you feel all the above companies are involved, just add all of them.


Looking on Discogs, there are clearly two release versions. So it was correct to add a new release for your Aussie version. Though they set the lable to Atlantic.

Trouble is, here on MusicBrainz there now seems to be three totally separate entries for this soundtrack.

Now I am still a bit of a noob here, and get confused with the language. But these should really be merged into a single Release Group with three separate Releases - the US Digital, Aus CD and the Spotify link.

I am going to attempt to set that up now… first attempt failed, I’ll get it second time and then post the edit link back here.

Okay - I have given up. I can’t work out how to get these three releases into a single group. Between the confused GUI and the lack of help pages I can’t work it out. I’ll let someone more experienced fix it. :slight_smile:

Hey IvanDobsky, here’s how to merge the release groups:
I haven’t entered the edit if you want to do it, it’s pretty straightforward (once you know how…)


I thought that I’d added mine to the other one, I used that as the “duplicate” to work from. If it hasn’t been added to that release group but created a new one just for itself, I need to find out what I did wrong there. Sorry, I certainly intended for it to be in with the american digital release. It’s obviously exactly the same content, just a different release on a different medium in another country.

That third entry “The Greatest Show” isn’t the album, it’s just one of the recordings/tracks from the album (the first song). If somebody intended to add another release of the album, they may have picked up the wrong information to copy from, or perhaps they’ve released that track as a single?. EDIT: yes, it’s clearly a single, it’s entered as a single. Do singles also go into the same release group as an album?

I believe a single would be its own release group (of type ‘Single’). https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Release_Group/Type

Thanks to whoever merged the 2 releases. I’d just returned to it to try to suss out how to do it, I couldn’t figure it out the other day, to find that somebody has fixed it. Thanks!