What would I call myself as a MB editor? (for a resume)

Sorry if this isn’t the right category - I’ve used this site for years and the time has come for me to make a resume. I was stuck without a full license for a while (until quarantine, of course) so I’ve never had a job or have been able to do volunteer work. Thus, I’m making my music career - and my work here as things to put on resume.

Put simply, what can I call myself? I’m thinking “Volunteer Data Clerk for MusicBrainz” but I don’t know if that’s too vague, if I should specify what MusicBrainz is etc etc…

I’ve never done this before, sorry. Thank you in advance!

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Ohh, that sounds great imo


Ahhh thank you! Just for someone else’s input - should I specify what MusicBrainz is? Like - in simpler terms “where the data from Google’s musical artist boxes comes from” or something along that line…I don’t know, but thank you still!

What is your education and at what kind of audience is your resume aimed? You might want to adapt your resume to the specific jobs you apply to, so you can tailor the description to emphasise a skill learned here that you think is relevant to the position you apply for.


I’d get in something about data quality manager, quality control. Find some way to put over that this place is about accurate data and you are also checking other people’s work as well as adding your own. An online club of musical fans and enthusiasts. Sell the quality and accuracy in the note about MB. “Peer reviewed database”.

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Music Data Archivist? Seems like archivist should show up in there somewhere to me!


Depends what you’re applying for?

If you just want it to sound impressive in a vague way you can steal blurbs from the MusicBrainz & MetaBrainz sites:

“MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public. MusicBrainz aims to be the universal lingua franca for music by providing a reliable and unambiguous form of music identification, enabling both people and machines to have meaningful conversations about music. MusicBrainz is operated by the MetaBrainz Foundation, a California based 501©(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.”

I would be wary of overdoing it though, less can be more. Especially with the jargon - though people do get jobs by throwing long words onto paper (not a fan, personally). But hey, if you’re looking to pad out your CV, you could do worse.


Thank you all for the replies!! :’) I wish I could respond to all of you, but hopefully you guys had notifications or something…

The resume is actually just for a scholarship. I’m 18 and still a senior in high school (12th grade for people not in the states), we’re just trying to find scholarships that can help pay for college.

I think you guys bring a good point about adapting it when the time comes to get an actual job! (I technically could right now but I’m high risk for covid so no thanks) I never even thought about it that way - but I think this site has taught me a lot about working with data (I’m sure other skills I can’t think of too) but just. Ahh I wasn’t expecting so many of you guys to help, thank you so much!!

EDIT: I should probably mention on top of that that my resume currently just has links to a lot of the music I’ve made and skills I’ve gotten being a section leader for band etc etc…things that I can think of with the little experience I’ve had. I’m trying? :>


Still a good reason for a resume. I used to read quite a few when employing people and look for all kinds of details\interests. This kind of site includes useful skills for college. Membership of a site like this would show you can work in a team, be accurate with data, quality control checks, will concentrate on details, will follow guidelines, follow up research.

Sometimes you need to do a little explanation on that resume of why Musicbrainz is something they should notice like @aerozol’s quote from the website details. Upselling your membership here is certainly a positive that shows you want to contribute to a community project.

You music is about you, whereas this site shows you can work with others.


I would have never thought a lot of those traits - thank you so much!! Hearing it from your perspective as someone reading it definitely gives me reason to try and upsell my membership, like you said. >:) I wish I could add more but just, thank you (the others too), this is perfect! :smiley:


I usually refer to my Musicbrainz hobby as “recreational data entry” :laughing: