What to do with Incomplete Albums & Single Tracks

I’m now up to get my music library sorted.

I recorded cd got songs from friends…
Over ages I moved it to different computers Taged them a bit etc.

Now I have lot of incomplete albums ( seems that tracks got lost by copying and moving with USB Sticks etc.

The idea is to move them in a folder called Radio
With the structure

Artist eg Armstrong, Louis
Songtitle - Artist

When I get more music (also incomplete) I could put it in that folder and review this folder time by time to see if some albums can get created out of that.

On the other hand I can compare the folder Radio with other library folder and remove the double ones from Radio folder ( Alldub?)

What do you Think?


If the tracks are album tracks and you use Picard to tag them then the tracks will get tagged as to which album they are from.

It is more the problem you will have in getting all this scrappy collection tagged. It is not as simple as pointing Picard at 1000 files and hoping it will work. You, the human, will need to do some checking. Especially if you have scrappy tags from over the years.

Heaping all the tracks into a few folder won’t really matter to Picard. It will just fill in the information as best it can. The problem for you is you won’t know if the track came from an original artist’s album, an artist’s “greatest hits” compilation, or some other Various Artists compilation.

Your best way of going at this will be doing some manual sorting of the files first. Pop them into the artist folders yourself. And then scan an artist at a time until you are happy with the results.

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THX for your sugestion

Manual work - 48GB!
Some tracks have no artist etc…

Most albums found has only 1 or 2 tracks inside.
Is there a way to sort albums that have been found according to found tracks?

I need help Pls. to get the correct code for this.
What I have is:


$left($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),40)/ 
$if(%date%,$left(%date%,4)) - $left(%album%,65) / 
%tracknumber% $left(%title%,40) - $left($if2(%artistsort%, %artist%),40) 
$upper($firstalphachar($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),#)) 
/$left($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),65)/ 
$if(%date%,$left(%date%,4)) - $left(%album%,50) / 
%tracknumber% $left(%title%,40) - $left($if2(%artistsort%, %artist%),40) 

Maybe there is something to change in scripting to Set Album Tag to "" for no album?

If you only have 48GB then it is a relatively small collection. All I mean by Manual work is to look and check the results. Otherwise you will get errors creeping in. Especially if you are both retagging and renaming a file.

The majority will probably be simple and quick to sort out. Just a few are going to get incorrectly recognised.

That is why I suggest working in recognisable chunks. Throw an artist at a time at Picard. Then you can spot the obvious errors quicker.

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