What to do with duplicate Disc ID

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I have a CD single which matches a close-but-no-ciger entry. If I presume this is a duplicate, what can I do about it? Picard insists it’s the wrong pone, so I can’t go through the “add” process described in the docs.


You can give a try to the button “Lookup manually” in between “OK” and “Cancel” at the bottom of the “CD Lookup” dialog opened from the “Lookup CD” button.


Yes, I know, but that just takes me to the thing that it isn’t. I don’t see an option to say “maybe, but it’s also this”.


Lookup Manually will take you to a page that includes 2 search boxes so you can search for the release you want to link (or, if it does not exist yet, the search results page will offer the option to add a new release)


Then you press the Add release button in your browser, at the bottom of your unsuccessful search. :slight_smile:

My answer looks quite bogus now, @Zastai, as it was first blocked by network problem.


Yep, thanks everyone, managed to sort it.