What to do with a single track in an album when it is released earlier

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In this iTunes release, the artist made it so that a single track (track #5) is released early compared to other tracks. How should I approach this release? Should I make a single release of the whole album with an annotation that track #5 is released earlier or should there be a separate release (group?)?

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I think they often do like this so it would be better to just create the album and have some annotation if we want to keep this info…

I had such a CD from which I early received some tracks before release but did not mention it because I thought it was rather small importance.

Oh maybe my case is completely unrelated.
You can buy your 5th track? I can only listen to it but maybe you can buy it?
Then it’s different but I still think it does not really deserve a cluttering Single release as it seems you can already usually buy album tracks one by one.

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If your source is iTunes, then you should add the entire tracklist as a release and use the release date of the entire release.

However, if your source is a different store, they may have the single song packaged as a standalone release.


That’s the problem, only iTunes list it together as a single album but the rest list the track separately (at least for now it seems) as if it’s its own single like Spotify, the aforementioned mora, Recochoku, OTOTOY etc.

Similar situation: Eternal, a lead single for Holly Herndon’s album Proto is a standalone release only as a video on YouTube or a stream on Spotify. However on iTunes it only appeared as a downloadable track from the full LP tracklist.

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I don’t think it’s wrong to add it as a single. The question is, do you see the value in doing it (as well as the album entry), and if not, why bother.


I’ll just include the album release based on the iTunes store and maybe later decide on whether to include that track as a separate release. Though, I think the single track might have a separate barcode but I’ll have to check that later.
Thanks everybody for your response.