What to do about incorrect iTunes release?

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I was looking through one of my tracks with an incorrect length, in this release:

I own a track titled “Purple Haze”, but 7:32 in length. Checking Youtube and other sources, I actually had a mislabeled track: the correct name was “Esthetic Visions”, the B-side of the single. So I was curious as to how it was wrongly set, and did a search for “purple haze 7:32” in Google. It turned up this item on Apple’s iTunes store:

This is the same as the digital release I already had, except that Apple has swapped the track names - in short, Apple is wrong. (So is the artist info below, which is talking about a rock group, not a trance artist).

What do we do about “incorrect” releases like this? The tracks are obviously flipped, but people who have purchased from iTunes wouldn’t know that.

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Oh what a fun headache that one is. Especially as we all know that Apple is never Wrong! Blasphemy! :smiley:

The general answer is - put the correct data into to MusicBrainz but add in edit notes and maybe even an annotation to point out the iTunes error. The Annotation should stop all the other iTunes users trying to “correct” your correction.

Make sure to leave links to a real source where you can prove that the tracks are back to front.

Leave lots of details in the edit notes with checkable links to the “correct” stuff. I’d also leave a link to the Bad Apple as no doubt one day that will just get magically corrected…

I don’t know how the Apple Music stuff gets added to MB as I am an oldie who likes his CDs and Vinyl.

HAHA - did you click through to the “Also available in iTunes” link? The error has been there since at least 2011… shows how much Apple cares about their music.


An annotation is the best way to explain this :slight_smile: Just mention it’s mislabeled on iTunes.