What that mean?

After i use it once, suddenly when i click to save them, at songs appears the one way road sign and at the error log it shows that:

E: 01:46:43 Traceback (most recent call last):
File “picard\util\thread.pyo”, line 46, in run
File “picard\file.pyo”, line 172, in _save_and_rename
File “picard\formats\id3.pyo”, line 424, in _save
File “picard\formats\mutagenext\compatid3.pyo”, line 114, in save
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u’I:\music\cd 1\Herbie Mann - When Lights Are Low.mp3’

What is this and what i can do ??

It usually means you have no permission to change the file in question. This can be caused by a write protected file, file system permissions or even a write protected storage. But my guess would be on the file having write protection enabled. Are you using Windows? Than you should be able to remove this in the file’s properties dialog in Windows Explorer.


When i go to properties is checked the read only when i uncheck it the brainz it works perfecly.

Beacause of you outsidecontext i can continue.
Thanks for everything and for your time.

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