What should i use when adding three or more artist?

should i use artist and artist and artist or artist, artist and artist or some thing else if the album douse not say?

Usually it’s however they’re written on the album. If you’re adding performers based on a source other than the album cover, you’d typically add them individually.


The default way, if it isn’t specified on the album cover, would be:
artist1, artist2, artist3 and artist4

Just like a standard English list. Of course, if the album is some other language, you should use that language’s list grammar.

according to Nicolás Tamargo the guy form support@metabrainz.org you use & instead of and or what ever is used on the album
“The standard is “X, Y & Z”, but if the album has “X, Y and Z”, or “X, Y, Z”, or “X / Y / Z” or even “X x Y x Z”, then you can use that”
“There’s a special way of doing it for classical music albums (“composer 1, composer 2; performer 1, performer 1”)”