What should I do if the actual release has work/track/title errors?

I just added a couple of releases where the track titles on the album themselves are sort of incorrect:

  1. Release “String Quartet no. 14, 'Death and the Maiden' / String Quartet in C, 'Quartettsatz' / Five Minuets and Trios” by Franz Schubert; The Maggini Quartet - MusicBrainz
    Track 1, String Quartet in C, should really be “c” or “C minor”, since “C” implies major

  2. Release “Mendelssohn / Grieg” by Felix Mendelssohn, Edvard Grieg; Jahja Ling, San Diego Symphony, San Diego Master Chorale, Nicole Cabell - MusicBrainz
    The recording isn’t actually from the suite (they performed music from the incidental music, some movements of which make up the suite)

In both cases, the relationships point to the correct work. Do I leave the track titles as is?


Typically, we fix errors.

I suggest making a note of errors in the release annotation, to try and deter someone from changing it back to match the artwork.

Edit: regarding #2, if that is how the titles are actually printed on the release I think I would not consider it an error.

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This doesn’t answer your question, but in the case of the Schubert, I don’t think it is actually pointing to the correct work. The release appears to be of the Quartettsatz D 103, but the track is linked to the D 703 work.

They’re both in C minor, so your question still stands. I think I would lean toward tacking the “minor” onto it, with an annotation, perhaps?

EDIT: As UltimateRiff points out, the CSG does indeed cover this. I agree that simply changing the “C” to “c” would also be correct. Either way, I would still explain it in the annotation, though, so someone inclined to change it back would at least have a chance to be informed.

I think for example #1, “c” is correct. I’ve been spending some time learning the Classical Style Guidelines, and a couple places it calls out this in particular: Style/Classical/Language/English, Style/Classical/Track Title

I’m not familiar with the second example, but I believe the tracklist should match what’s on the release, either on the back or in the booklet.

I can’t find the Mendelssohn / Grieg release anywhere but the conductor’s website, and I can’t find an image of the back cover anywhere. The conductor’s site has a sample streamer which shows the tracks as I presume they appear on the CD artwork.

The conductor’s site describes the album as including

“… a selection of music from Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt , including all of the music from the famous suites, several less-familiar orchestral movements, and a selection of Grieg’s vocal music.”

Since the track list doesn’t say “Suite no. 1” or “Suite no. 2,” I think you can just assume it’s their own suite of movements chosen from the 26 movements that Grieg wrote. The disc is actually missing one movement that is part of Suite #2 anyway (“The Return of Peer Gynt”).

Thanks all for the replies. For the Schubert, I fixed the work and changed it to a lowercase “c” for the key. For the Grieg, I left it as is.