What is this icon telling me?

Hi all - Bush’s release “Golden State” is made of 12 tracks, but for some reason it shows 13 and it looks like a strange icon to me on track #13 -->
Can you help understanding and correcting eventually?

“This icon indicates that the track is a video track and that there is no file currently matched. This appears if there is no file matched, of if there are multiple files matched.”

From the searchable help:


It means you have one of those new fangled Enhanced CDs. Put the disc into a PC and dig in the folders. The old 2001 era menu will not work but you will find files on the CD. Ignore all the Quicktime junk installers that won’t work, but buried in there somewhere will be a something.mov file that will play in VLC (or similar media player)

It is very unlikely to be worth it. A 2001 video is probably in a 320x320 pixel resolution and will look rough in modern standards. But is is possible to drag n drop copy it from the CD and pop it in with your MP3\FLAC files. Then you will have that 13th file “complete”.

I can’t remember, but I think Picard is probably still unlikely to be able to tag it, but at least you can go back to when 320x320 pixel videos were the latest thing and watch it stretched out on your 50" 4K TV screen in full pixelated glory

Edited to add: Here, I did you a favour. Just add this link as track 13 instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytVyzMp5KAg

Now THAT would be a cunning Picard Feature. A “find the darn thing on YouTub instead and link it” option.