What is the right way of adding secondary release names?

what is the right way of adding secondary release names in mb?
Im fixing this album up the best i can on mb as it is missing stuff

and adding this one

they have names like this Hiding Place (Music For Devotions) hiding place is the main part of the name and Music For Devotions is the secondary name fo you use bracts or dash or something other for it?

In this context “Music for Devotions” feels a bit more like a series than extra title information.

I’d be OK with just leaving it as “Rainmaker” but if you feel the extra bits are required for the title, use a colon to separate it:

Rainmaker: Music for Devotions


thanks you are right it is a series i was not thinking last night :slight_smile:

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An alias if appropriate can always be added to both release and release group to help searches.