What is the minimum requirement of data for an Edition to be meaningful?

I have come across a number of submissions of Editions that consist of a title and nothing else, e.g. https://bookbrainz.org/edition/d51ce246-3681-4d2f-be6e-46dfd58c93aa (now merged to another edition)

There is no way that the book that this was submitted from (?) can be identified with any certainty. In fact the Work has more information.

Is it worthwhile having this type of submission in the database, or can it be merged into something else to eliminate it?

I think without any other identifying information like an ISBN or an identifier they can be merged, and new editions can be added with proper information at a later date.

Either that, or randomly assign each edition that is missing information to a separate edition found online, adding the corresponding information.


That sounds like a plan. Thanks.

Would it be worth considering setting a minimum amount of data for an Edition submission and make these fields mandatory?

On Bookogs, the mandatory fields were: title, at least one credit (aka Author, Publisher), language, and format.