What is the execution order for 'File Naming', 'Scripting' scripts and 'Plugins'

Hi there. I’m thinking of writing a plugin.

I’ve been looking at various scripts and plugins to understand the process when you press Save.
In particular I’ve tried to study the scripts over at https://github.com/avibrazil/picard-scripting as they provide an awesome job of handling Unicode character replacements.

I’m not clear on the following;
In which order do File Naming, Scripts and Plugins get executed?
I’m guessing File Naming would be last.
Is there a particular order in place?

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Both scripts and metadata plugins get executed when data gets loaded from MusicBrainz (while the album shows the “loading” status in the right pane). Plugins run first, they have access to the raw data loaded from MusicBrainz. Scripts run afterwards.

The file naming script gets executed just before saving to generate the file name.