What is the correct way to credit vocal relationships of groups' recordings?

I see there is a division on how certain editors handle it. Some credit every single member as having vocals on the recording, while others (like myself) only credit the group, unless for cases where the whole group doesn’t sing, like solos, duets, etc. The guidelines aren’t very specific in these cases, so what is more appropriate?

You will probably need to name the bands you talk of. I’d aim to name the people who were vocal on the specific track. If they all can be heard to sing, then name them all.

If Fred plays guitar - you credit his guitar playing. If he sings - you credit his singing.


I’m talking more about pop groups, like K-pop. They don’t play instruments.

I’d credit individual members. Band line-ups are subject to change.


What I meant was we name anyone who picks up an instrument. It is the same when someone steps forward with a vocal. They do sing a line. The create part of the whole.

As @Comrade_Mike points out, band line-ups change. So if a greatest hits came out in 10 years time it is quite possible different vocalists will be on different tracks.

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