What is part of the title and what isn't?

I’ve got the CD of this release:

On the back the tracklist reads as follows:

Am I right assuming that “Exclusive Track” or “Exclusive Spoken Word Piece” are not part of the track’s name and therefore do not need to be taken into account?
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True, they are not an important part of the track name. Some may add them as (ETI) in the disambiguation text, but others will tell you that even that is not needed. I would leave it out.

Maybe add a note to the annotation if you feel these are important things to note. You can put something like “Tracks 2, 11, 13, 18, 19 Exclusive Tracks.” Annotation fields are pretty flexible for the kind of extra data that is of use to someone, but not really important enough for the database.


I think the guidelines for ETI indicate these should not be in the title:

Some cases of additional information that is not part of the title and also not intended to distinguish the track should be removed:
“Song (bonus track)”: just “Song”

These may be “exclusive tracks” today, but next year they could be put out on another release. Like “bonus track”, this isn’t a property of the recording itself but rather of the release (or of the recording in relation to this specific release).