What does "Change all relationship credits for..." do exactly?

Before I make wrong assumptions on this:
I have selected one track from a release, trying to add a performer and the instruments he is playing for that track.
But there is a checkbox that says: "Change all relationship credits for… ".
What exactly does that do?

(I did search the website on that line for an explanation, but I couldn’t find a document explaining this?)

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It changes the artist credit name on the page, not the kind of relationship. So if you tick the box, change the name to Vinnie and hit Done, all credits will be renamed Vinnie. If you change the relationship to vocals, nothing will change (except the one relationship you are editing, of course).

I agree that the description isn’t clear on this at all. Something like “Change the name for Vinnie Colaiuta in all relationships on this page.” would be better I think.

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Thnx, and what exactly does “…on the page” refer to?
Only the displayed tracks from that release, or does it effect more?

No, just the ones on the release. With page I meant the relationship editor for the release.

Ah, ok.
The word ‘page’ that is used in the line I referred to made me think that changes I would make would perhaps not only effect that specific release, but maybe also alter other information on the (web)page. So I was being extra careful.

A rephrase might be good indeed. Or at least a ‘help’ link that links to an explanation on this.
I am not sure if just changing the word ‘relationship’ to ‘name’ would fix it for all situations.
If you have not selected ‘artist’ from the drop-down box in front of it but another option, then ‘name’ might not be always suitable?