What artist-credit for "Astérix : ils chantent !"


I don’t think this EP should be considered as a Gérard Calvi release. He’s the composer of the musics but the release wasn’t sold as a proper Gérard Calvi release.
On discogs https://www.discogs.com/fr/Goscinny-Et-Uderzo-Gerard-Calvi-Astérix-Ils-Chantent/release/5016960 the album is considered as a “Goscinny* Et Uderzo* / Gerard Calvi*” release (Goscinny and Uderzo are the lyricists). I think it’s more accurate but I’m not sure that it’s right either. Shouldn’t it be credited as a fictive band called “Astérix” ? Then should Asterix be created as a artist page or should it redirect to https://musicbrainz.org/artist/125ec42a-7229-4250-afc5-e057484327fe ?

Who are these Gérard Cépa and Jean-Max Novrénon? There are not the regular voice actors in the animated movies (apparently that would be Roger Carel and Jacques Morel, but the first movie was released a year after this release). I can’t find any information on these guys.

I would add the voice actors as artists, Asterix and Obelix as separate artists (type: character) and add a voice-actor relationship between them. Then I would use the Asterix and Obelix characters as artists for this release. Let’s give the big guy some credit too. :wink:

I wonder what the rules are for fictitious artists who where performed by various people. Should a new fictitious artist be made for each performer? @reosarevok?

I don’t have that much experience with characters. I suspect Japanese editors are more likely to know how it’s usually done. @HibiscusKazeneko, @jesus2099 - do you have any suggestions?

These names are jokes : Cépa is for Gérard Cépa and Jean-Max Novrénon "sait/sais pas"which means “do/does not know” and “novrénom” is for “no vrai nom” for (half english half french) “not real name” (not exactly, see the jesus2099 answer below)
Actually they are Gerard Bourgeois et Jean Max Rivière, but they apparently didn’t want to be (really) credited for it. (but I’m going to do the credits in the “vocals” section of the recordings)

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What I would suggest is pretty much what @mfmeulenbelt described:

Would you create a new Asterix for every voice actor who performs him? Or have one Asterix character with multiple performers linked to it?

No, I’d have one character entity with all the different voice actors linked to it using the “voice of” relationship, with dates for each one (if available).

Nicely spotted! I think it could even more likely be « xxx c’est pas xxx nos vrais noms » = these are not or real names. :wink:

Apart from that, no idea. I am not used to edit characters… :thinking:

You’re right, this it it ! I didn’t think about this

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I added the one time novelty release in the first place, with cover art and annotation (which obviously nobody checked ;-). The rationale for my choices: Gérard Calvi is the only “real” person actually credited (“sur la musique de Gérard Calvi”) on the tracks Goscinny and Uderzo are credited, seemingly as lyricists. The Cover only says “les héros de Goscinny et Uderzo chantent”. Knowing that in the 60s Uderzo was exclusively credited as illustrator, never as writer, translating the track credits into “lyrics by Uderzo” seemed hazardous… The performers were obviously bogus (see annotation), which left just Calvi as possible release artist. Now that, thanks to Elfast, we have been able to add the real names of the performers, I feel this release is correctly credited