What am I doing wrong?

Program refuses to save unclustered files into organized LPs.

OK, There is something wrong with my setup because I am taking each step which I think is correct but not getting the program to work.

  1. upload files (in this case The Police - Ghost in the Machine LP)
  2. hit Cluster button
  3. hit the lookup button
  4. hit the scan button
  5. hit save - but in my case after I close the program, I go check to see if Music Picard has neatly categorized all these police songs under the correct LP with the correct artwork it does not. I’m back to square one with loose files.

What am I doing wrong?

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First, check that you have “Move files when saving” and “Rename files when saving” enabled in the File Naming Options section of the Options settings. Next, I suggest that you have a look at the Workflow Recommendations and follow the one that best fits your situation. You shouldn’t need to use both “lookup” and “scan” because they actually function differently in terms of retrieving album information from MusicBrainz. Finally, make sure that you have matched your files to the appropriate tracks in the right hand pane before saving.