Weird ListenBrainz issue, constantly submitting wrong listen "The Division 2 OST"

Since a few days whenever I’m listening to music and this gets submitted to ListenBrainz many listens end up being displayed as “The Division 2 OST - Weapons Factory”. I have never heard that, don’t have this track anywhere here and nothing else that resembles this title.

But looking at my recent listen history I’m obviously totally into this song at the moment :slight_smile:

It does not seem to matter what I listen to, this specific track randomly replaces about half my listens. Currently experiencing this on my Android phone using Phonograph player and Simple Scrobbler. Not sure if I used some other playback method in the last days, I will test on my desktop and with Spotify.

Any idea what is happening here?


I narrowed it down a bit by reconfiguring Simple Scrobbler to cache the songs instead of resubmitting them immediately.

The following screenshot shows 8 queued up listens, one time that “The Division 2 OST - Weapons Factory” got smuggled in:

Interesting is that it got added additionally, in between a 6 minute song.

This experiment at least narrows this down to a client side issue, but I still don’t know where these strange track credits actually could come from :frowning:

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Wait, you are also having this problem? :thinking: When you use Simple Scrobbler, by chance are you also scrobbling to at the same time?

I use Pano Scrobbler and have the same issue, but it’s super weird because my duplicated track is a song I never listened to on my phone. It’s one I listened to from Spotify Desktop and scrobbled with mpris-scrobbler. I meant to file a GitHub issue against Pano Scrobbler, but now seeing this thread, it’s made me double confused.

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In addition to being a client side problem, it also sounds like a case for LB-1:


No, I disabled Last fm quite a while back. But maybe is still involved somehow. Maybe the Scrobbler does query for additional data!?

That’s totally weird. In my case I have never listened to this track at all. I now also looked it up on Spotify, thinking maybe the Spotify import messed something up, but that track is listed on Spotify with different title and totally different artist.

I will try with different Scrobbler and player and see if I can further narrow it down.

Now it gets weirder: I connected my earphones to my phone, and when I did this Spotify started playing a song automatically. I have Simple Scrobbler configured to not submit for Spotify, since I have connected Spotify to Listenbrainz.

Yet for this short playback of a single song on Spotify I got 3 listens in ListenBrainz:

  1. The Division 2 OST - 3 hours ago (I was sleeping at the time)
  2. The song played on Spotify
  3. The Division 2 OST - 3 minutes after the previous song

:partying_face: I found the offender: It’s the Sound Cloud app!

I googled for the strange artist name and found . Then I remembered having the Sound Cloud app installed, started it and guess what: Of course it had “The Division 2 OST - Weapons Factory” selected as a track.

A quick test also shows that just starting the app, without any playback happening, is enough to trigger submission of a “listen”. You can repeat this any time, just close the app, start it again. My guess is that it sometimes also started in the background. It somewhat seems to correlate with other playback happening at the same time, mostly for longer (> 5 min.) tracks I think. Maybe the scrobbler looking for listens to submit somehow triggers SoundCloud to start (I don’t know how this is actually implemented in Android). There was also a SoundCloud update on June 3rd, and after that this started to happen.

For now I have disabled the generic “Android Music Player Apps” in Simple Scrobbler and only explicitly enabled my player. Maybe I’ll just uninstall the Sound Cloud app, not sure when I had used this the last time anyway :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Reported at


Thanks for pointing this out. I uninstalled the Soundcloud app the day you posted this since I also had it installed. But unfortunately, my strange phantom song continues to exist. :unamused:

However, it doesn’t seem to happen as often. This was happening daily for me but it hasn’t happened since five days ago. In either case, I’ll keep watching and try to debug further down the stack… maybe it’s a big coincidence and an issue with Pano after all. :woman_shrugging:


In retrospect, this may have been an issue with Spotify Free. When I play music from my laptop, I get a “now playing” notification from Spotify on my phone. I remember now the notification would sometimes appear even for songs I was not currently listening to. Since my phantom song is only in my Spotify library, I figure this might have been the root cause.

In either case, I uninstalled the Spotify app from my Android device and haven’t seen it happen again, but I also haven’t watched closely.