Hi. I develop MusicBrainz android application. MuzicBrainz android api outdated and I write brand-new api for MusicBrainz web service. I implemented all functional from docs and encountered with some problems:

  1. How to get all ratings or tags of user for artists or releases as on musicbrainz.org in profile-ratings or profile-tags? Docs specify what I can get rating or tag only from one entity.
  2. How to create collections from application? Docs specify what I can put or delete entities from collections. I have to go on site to create collection and come back to application to put or delete entities from collections? This is very bad. it’s necessary simple post requst on web server with new collection info.
  3. I want to use oath2 in my application, but I must authorize user through get request on site. User must go to MusicBrainz site, log in, allow permissions, copy token and paste to application. This is a very complex quest for user. Commonly first oath2 authorization go through post request with client info(client id and secret) and authorization credentials (authorization header) on server and get response with token.
    I understand to decide these questions it’s necessary to write code on server, but this functional already exist on site (ratings, tags, collections) and it’s necessary to fasten it to web service.
    Excuse me for my English.
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