We should use more reddit MusicBrainz!

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Actually many people use reddit is a lot easier of use and many people talk about this site there, maybe is a good idea of the reason of attract more users of this great site?


/r/MusicBrainz is quite anecdotal there…

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Hi, MusicBrainz’s Community Manager here. :slight_smile:

We are aware of r/MusicBrainz but it is not officially sanctioned. We would like to keep discussion (and thus the “knowledge share”) about MusicBrainz and our other sites/projects fairly central, to avoid people having to search 100 places (instead of just 5 or so :sweat_smile:) to find information and answers.

We obviously cannot control or enforce how or where people talk about MusicBrainz or other of our sites/projects elsewhere (nor would we want to!!), but we would strongly implore that people try and come here and ask, to try and avoid splintering the community unnecessarily.

I also don’t personally see/understand how actively using r/MusicBrainz would enable us to gain more attraction to get people here? We have had some posts on subreddits such as r/opendata and r/opensource etc. when there are relevant announcements, which have brought a small bit of traffic, but the r/MusicBrainz is both pretty empty and not run by MetaBrainz or, AFAICT, even someone from our community. (If u/5960312 is an active member in our community: sorry! I don’t recognise your nick or your profile picture. :see_no_evil:)


That goes for the entire Reddit site. Blind leading the blind.