We have released our debut album. This Human Condition - Project Zero

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Hi all,
We have just released our debut album called Project Zero. We are new to the music brainz community.


Congratulations on your début and welcome to MusicBrainz. I can see you have already added your own release. Maybe you can add relationships for the recordings too?



In case it’s not clear, add relationships means details like who mixed what, wrote the songs (works), performed on the recordings, what was sampled, etc.


Ok, will do. Thanks.


Thanks. That’s very helpful.


Thanks for adding it :wink:

I fixed few things:

On MusicBrainz, we differentiate all releases (ie. CD vs red vinyl vs blue vinyl vs digital), but those generally belong to the same release group.

External links should be directly related to the entity:

  • Artist pages (ie. official website, fb page, etc…) have to be added at artist’s level
  • Generic pages about an album (a review) belong to release group level
  • Specific pages about a release (where to buy the CD, where to listen the digital release) belong to release level
  • Specific pages about a recording (youtube video for a song, soundcloud stream for this song) belong to recording level
  • Pages about the song history (wikipedia page) is more likely on work level.

Another thing newcomers often don’t understand well is the difference between tracks and recordings, to make it simple, tracks are the listing on a release (CD back cover, iTunes album track list), while recordings are the actual recorded music.

For example, the same recording can appear on promo EP, released full length album, and various compilations, whatever is the release format (CD release often share recordings with digital release).
But a demo release could contain a preliminary version of a song, recorded during another session, and therefore is a different recording of the same work.

If you are unsure about one edit, just ask for help on #musicbrainz IRC channel or here.


Hi Zas. The digital release was released by Teknofonic Recordings however the physical release is is done by us (DIY)
I will look into this further in the week. Thanks for your guidance.