Wanted - music player making good use of metadata

im looking for a music player that will give me a ‘rich’ experience and do things like

  • let me browse the the artwork e.g the back and any booklets
  • the metadata such as who played the piano and follow links to info on that person
  • etc etc
    of course the metadata has to be in the music file, but we have lots of that info in mb!

Hmm, I’ve only used Foobar2000 which probably lets you set something up using plugins and a heap of faffing. I would see if there’s anything already set up for it first.

But really I’ve just commented to say - maybe some day ListenBrainz can offer this experience :exploding_head:


I’m not sure if it would be as robust as you’re hoping for, but MusicBee does offer these things. The biggest weak spot would probably be the artwork, which it will show all of in some views, but I don’t think can be browsed through easily like a photo viewer.


I’m a very basic MusicBee user, and I know there is a lot of customizability available there, but “out of the box” it doesn’t do a great job of handling performer credits in tags. It takes them into account in search results, but it’s not obvious how to actually see the tag data.

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This is true. There are some really detailed guides on the MusicBee forum for setting it up more effectively.

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Catching up on the forum…I’ll give musicbee a look over.

There was another thread about why do you contribute to MusicBrainz… for me it’s so that I have a richer listening experience which includes things like being able to look at all the artwork - including the liner notes and the see who played which instrument and who wrote the song… obviously the data has to be there, so that’s my contribution…but there’s got to be a decent player or at least a recipe for setting one up… anyone used kodi or plex?