Want to Start Again from Scratch

I don’t have a large music collection on the pc.
I downloaded MusicBrainz v 2.3.1 (now have v2.3.2), and ran it against all my albums without really understanding how to use it.
I ended up with incorrect multiple albums, etc. :roll_eyes:
I now understand MusicBrainz a lot better and want to start again.

My idea would be to delete all the music files on my pc, then reload them again (without the MusicBrainz tags), and run MusicBrainz again, this time using it properly.

Given the small size of my collection, this seems a simple method to me, unless someone can explain an easier way?


Yes, I think that makes sense. If you had for example got albums split to multiple separate releases it will be difficult to fix it again with the already wrong tagged files. If you take the original files with all files of an album still together and use cluster + lookup on those files you’ll likely get a good result very easily.