Vowels with accents i.e. á é í ó ú


I’m trying to update the tags on a bunch on italian music files but I can’t figure out how to get accented vowels. I already tried changind ID3v2 versions and UFT-8, UFT-16 text encoding with no luck. I also tried plugins like Decoding Cyrillic and Non-ASCII Equivalents.

I’m sure this is not that hard but again, I can’t figure out the right combination of settings. I’m on Windows 10.



It really depends on what device/os you are using. And could also be affected by what languages are installed on your device/os.

Tell us more about what you are trying to do, and with what software you are trying to do it. Are you using Picard, the web interface to the MusicBrainz database, or something else? Are you trying to type new tag values into the table of metadata values in the lower part of the Picard user interface? Or are you trying to get metadata values downloaded from the MusicBrainz database, and those values have accented characters in the database?

If you are trying to type in accented characters, you should be able to type them in the same way you would type them in in a word processor. Do you know how to type in accented characters in your word processor? How do you type them in there? What happens when you do the same thing with whichever MusicBrainz tool you are using?

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I’m using Picard and trying to get metadata from MusicBrains database. You have a good point. I just checked the database and tags don’t have accents there. Also, there is only one release for this particular music album.

My memory of the relevant Musicbrainz Style guidelines, which I can’t find at the moment by looking up “titles” or “general principles” in the documentation, is that the track names should be in the database as per the most detailed tracklist that comes with the release.
If the most detailed tracklist does have the accents or diacritics then you could, if you wish, edit the Musicbrainz database to reflect the tracklist.

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i probably don’t understand your issue. are you simply trying to replace those characters with equivalents?

tagger script: